Wireline Retrievers & Surveyors

Wireline Surveyor orangeSouthwest Oilfield Products is proud to offer a full line of Wireline Retrievers & Surveyors. Respected by drilling contractors around the world for their performance and durability, our high-quality retrievers are capable of holding 15,000 feet of 0.092” wire and come standard with a rack arm and counter assembly.

Standard Features include:

  • Manual Brake System
  • Center Point Lifting Eye
  • Quality & Compliance Certifications
  • Hand Crank for Rig up and Rig down
  • Direct Drive Assembly with Dog Clutch
  • 3 Phase, 460 Volt, 15hp Explosion Proof Motor 
  • Control Positioned for Operator Safety and Efficiency
  • Dual-Spring, Balance Rack Arm for Measuring Meter mounting
  • UL Certified Electrical Components (Class 1, Group D, Division 1)
  • User-friendly Display Measures Depth in Standard & Metric Units
  • Carbon Steel (1018) Drum Provides Maximum Performance and Durability

Wireline Retriever Specifications: