Valves and Seats

valve and seatSouthwest Oilfield Products’ full-open valve with bonded insert has replaced the slip-on insert valves. This design is permanently bonded to the valve body; it reduces the tendency for fluids to penetrate between the polyurethane insert and the valve body, thus preventing premature failure. The full-open design of the valve seat is far superior to webbed style seats for many reasons:

  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced wear and tear on fluid-end seat deck
  • Even-loaded surface compared to a webbed valve seat
  • Reduced fluid turbulence
  • Available in API and non API sizes


Webbed – Uneven seat loading can result in premature module failure. Notice red areas are under extreme stress (66,000psi).


Full open – Not only is the full open seat more evenly loaded but the full open design results in less stress transferred to the module overall. Notice even the highest stress areas are much lower (11,000psi) than the web seat.

Full open