Tech Support

Global Service Solutions

Southwest’s Field Service Team is committed to providing customers with highly-trained personnel who can thoroughly inspect Mud Pumps and troubleshoot equipment issues. Our services are designed to provide customers with valuable information about their mud pump, along with providing cost-effective solutions to keep your equipment running trouble-free.

OEM trained technicians provide installation of fluid end modules ensuring equipment meets OEM standards and is aligned properly to reduce consumption of mud pump wear parts.
Drastically reduce mud pump equipment outages by installing a hydraulic liner retention system. This system decreases liner change-out time from hours to minutes.
Inspections allow you to address problems and issues before a failure occurs. Additional performance enhancements can also be achieved with our laser alignment pump service and customizable preventative maintenance program.
Quick-Change valve covers provide true steel-to-steel tightening of the valve cover assembly. It also reduces the possibility of washouts by converting the original square-seal design to Southwest’s tapered design.
The dye penetrant process checks for cracks in the fluid end which identifies potential issues before equipment failures occur. This process is very effective when inspecting the intersecting bores.
Lapping is an excellent process to enhance the performance of worn fluid ends. This procedure reduces seat deck imperfections which increases metal to metal contact between the seat and seat deck.

Laser Alignment System

As part of Southwest oilfield’s Service and Repair Department, the Zero-N Laser Alignment System is utilized to provide the most accurate fluid-end alignment services available. The Zero-N Laser is accurate to within 0.001” in both X and Y axes with a digital readout for consistent, repeatable measurements. 

The system is lightweight and suitcase portable, thus eliminating the cumbersome and difficult-to-transport systems of the past. In addition, the Zero-N Laser Alignment system is a non-intrusive service requiring the removal of only the piston rod which allows for much quicker service and less downtime on the pump. Alignment inspections are performed worldwide by Southwest Oilfield trained service technicians.

F550 Service TruckF550 Service Truck

With the addition of a fully-tooled heavy-duty service truck, our Southwest service offerings continue to grow! With a 6,000 lb. lift capacity, onboard welding unit, and pneumatic tool system this vehicle is equipped to handle even the most challenging, on-site fluid-end projects.