Southwest Oilfield Products

Rods and Clamps

Southwest Oilfield Products is a premier oil and gas equipment manufacturer that provides our global customer base with best-in-class mud and well servicing pump solutions. We manufacture rugged and reliable equipment for your specific needs including Mud Pump Fluid Ends, Frac Pump Fluid Ends, Liners, Pistons, and other consumable items.

Piston Rods

Piston RodsThe piston rod incorporates the Grayloy longer-wearing surface to provide the best piston rod for your triplex or duplex pump.

Rod Clamp with Integral Spray System

Rod Clamp with Integral Spray SystemA cooling spray system is built into the clamp itself. The spray pipe is placed directly behind the piston. This volume provides an adequate spray to flush the liner and cool the piston.


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