About Southwest Oilfield Products, Inc.

Our Mission

Southwest Oilfield Products, Inc. is committed to delivering the highest quality products, on time, and creating positive significant impacts on our customers’ projects. We strive to maintain our innovative stance in the industry while partnering with our customers to share the focus on generating solutions.

History of Southwest Oilfield Products

  • 1947 Founded with the Design of the First Bonded Piston, the Fail-Safe Piston
  • 1974 Introduced the Two-Piece L-Shaped Fluid-End
  • 1988 Introduced the Dual-Duro Piston
  • 1996 Introduced Ceramic Liners
  • 2000 Introduced Zirconia Liners
  • 2004 Introduced Black Cat Piston
  • 2004 Introduced Hydraulic Liner Retainer
  • 2009 Expanded Product Line to Include Power-End Components
  • 2010 Southwest Oilfield Products Expanded Service to Include Zero-N Laser Alignment Systems
  • 2010 Expanded product portfolio to include Well Service Pump manufacturing
  • 2012 New High-Pressure High-Temperature Consumables
  • 2013 Introduced Module Service Tool Kits; Research and Development of Frac Pump Consumables
  • 2014 Introduced BullDog Piston
  • 2014 Earned our DNV ISO 9001:2008 Certification.
  • 2015 Earned our API Specification Q1 Certification