Health, Safety and Environment

Southwest Oilfield Products, Inc.  is a  performance-driven company  whose highest priorities are employee health, accident prevention, and protection of the environment. Simply, we believe:

Nothing is more important than our employees and their health and safety.

No one gets hurt.

Environmental damage is unacceptable.

These bold targets are fundamental to the success and growth of Southwest Oilfield Products, Inc. , and we believe they will ultimately help us achieve a superior competitive business advantage. To ensure that we stay true to these simple, but important aspirations, our HSE expectations are anchored in these basic principles:

  • All safety and environmental incidents are preventable!
  • Working safely and protecting others and the environment are conditions of employment at Southwest Oilfield Products, Inc.
  • Southwest Oilfield Products, Inc. will strive to preserve the environment using resources responsibly and by reducing and eliminating waste from our operations; however, if waste is generated, we will handle it safely and responsibly.
  • The simple attention to detail that delivers HSE excellence matters!
  • HSE excellence requires proactive and demonstrated commitment and leadership with management held responsible and accountable.
  • When an injury or serious incident occurs, we will investigate its cause and share the lessons learned with all Southwest Oilfield Products, Inc. employees.
  • Southwest Oilfield Products, Inc. will meet or exceed compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • All Southwest Oilfield Products, Inc. employees have "Stop Work Authority" and are expected to use it!

If we live by these principles and cooperate with one another, Southwest Oilfield Products, Inc. will emerge as an industry leader in both product and HSE performance.