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Fluid End Packages

The Original L-Shaped Fluid-End

Often imitated but never duplicated, Southwest Oilfield Products’ two-piece L-shaped fluid-ends have become the recognized standard.

The L-shaped two-piece fluid-end was adopted into the market over 50 years ago because it was an obvious improvement over one-piece modules. Since the suction module is separate from the discharge module, it is possible to replace the suction module when it wears out instead of replacing the entire fluid end.

Changing valves or seats on a two-piece module is also much easier, safer, and faster than changing valves or seats on a one-piece module.

Southwest’s L-shaped fluid-end is manufactured from heat-treated 4130 forgings and equipped with our quick-change valve cover system; our L-shaped modules offer unmatched performance.

Southwest’s second to none manufacturing is backed by the best warranty on the market.

7500 P.S.I. Fluid-End Upgrades

The market demand for 7500 psi land drilling has continued to increase and is forecasted to remain strong as drillers and operators seek to complete wells more faster and more efficiently. Southwest Oilfield Products has the expertise and ability to convert existing 5000 psi pump systems with our 7500 psi fluid end upgrade. In addition to replacing the existing valve-over-valve module with our proven L-Shaped design, a typical conversion also includes an upgraded liner retainer system, discharge cross/ strainer, and high-pressure discharge Mud Pump with Southwest L-Shaped Fluid End Modulesmanifold and 7500 psi pulsation dampener.

Available 7500 P.S.I. Models include:

  • BOMCO® F1600
  • EMSCO® FB1600
  • HH F1600
  • NATIONAL® 12P160
  • OILWELL® A1700PT
Updated performance data sheets that reflect the higher working pressures are provided for all upgrades performed by Southwest Oilfield Products. To ensure pump operation integrity, rod load limitations are strictly adhered to.

OEM (Valve-Over-Valve) Style Fluid-End

Disadvantages of OEM Style:
  • More expensive to maintain
  • When wear occurs, the entire fluid-end must be replaced
  • Difficult to change valves
  • Stress point analysis reveals design is susceptible to cracking
  • Must remove lower valve guide to change valve
  • Southwest Style Fluid-End

Southwest Style Fluid End

Advantages of L-Shaped Fluid-End Module:
  • Less expensive and easier to maintain
  • More metal to support internal pressures
  • Designed to run with liner wear plates
  • No Lower valve guide needed
  • Comes with HP Quick-Change Valve Cover assemble


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