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Flowline and Production

Southwest Oilfield Products is proud to distribute American Block Flowline & Production products. American Block provides a complete range of hammer unions, swivel joints, plug valves, integral fittings, pup joints, circulating and cementing hoses, manifolds, choke valves, check valves, safety relief valves and ring gaskets. The quality of our products surpasses the industry standards.

Our products are manufactured from the highest grade of forged steel. While more expensive to manufacture, there is a unique benefit in this manufacturing method that includes superior strength and longevity. American Block unions are interchangeable with other major suppliers, designed to API and are DNV approved.

Hammer Unions

Swivel Joints

Cementing Circulating Hoses

Pup Joints

Integral Fittings

Pressure Relief Valve

Dart Check Valve

Plug Valves

Choke Valves

Hammer Seal Unions


Ring Gaskets


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