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Best in Class Mud Pump, Aftermarket Consumable and Industrial MRO Solutions

Southwest Oilfield Products is a premier manufacturer and supplier of oil and gas equipment, offering best-in-class mud pump, mud system, aftermarket consumable, and industrial MRO products to a global customer base for over 75 years.

Mud Pumps and Mud System Solutions

We offer a wide range of mud pump system solutions to meet your specific needs, Including complete mud pump packages, fluid end upgrades, expendables, and fluid control solutions.

Aftermarket Rig Consumables

Our extensive range of aftermarket rig consumables includes everything you need to maintain, repair, and operate your drilling rigs and production platforms, from essential safety equipment and hand tools to specialized components.

Industrial MRO

Southwest Oilfield’s Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Products are essential to ensure the safe and efficient operation of oilfield equipment, and regular maintenance and repairs using MRO products are crucial to extending the lifespan of equipment and minimizing downtime.

Manufacturing and Repair

Southwest Oilfield is API Q1, API 7K, and ISO 9001 certified, and offers a wide variety of machining and production capabilities. We specialize in precision manufacturing including: sandblast/paint, honing, turning, milling, drilling, grinding, threading, and paint for small to medium-sized parts and components.

Our Vision

Southwest Oilfield Products will be the first choice for our partners in the manufacturing and distribution space by utilizing our superior customer service, the strength of our employees and relationships, while maintaining the highest levels of integrity.

Our Mission

Southwest Oilfield Products, Inc. is committed to delivering the highest quality products, on time, and creating positive significant impacts on our customers’ projects. We strive to maintain our innovative stance in the industry while partnering with our customers to share the focus on generating solutions.



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Teams win! We recognize that Southwest Oilfield Products Inc. performance is more than the collective sum of individual effort and is optimized through our work as a team. We respect and honor individual team members, and we will not tolerate slackers.


We will meet or exceed all goals, deadlines and other performance metrics we commit to. Performance is the product of working smart and together.


We will act ethically and be good citizens as individuals and as a company. We will know and respect the culture and rules of Southwest Oilfield Products Inc. and all areas where we work.

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